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Founded in 1986 by Kazimierz Walentowicz, Aspen Tree Service cares about trees, and we know that you do too! As the longest-operating tree service in the Clifton area, we know the value of trust, and that's why we're committed to providing you with the very best tree service from North Jersey’s true tree experts. From our certified arborists to our professional crews to our expert office staff, each member of our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality service for your tree project.


About the Owner

Casey Walentowicz is a 2nd generation arborist who's been with the family-owned company as soon as he was old enough to drag a branch. He became involved in the daily operations in the early 2000s and took over ownership in 2010, with his father shifting into a daily operations role, a position he enjoys to this day!

With more than 25 years of experience in the tree service industry, Casey is a true tree expert and a master of his craft. In addition to his hands-on experience, he studied arboriculture at Rutgers and Cooks University.

Others Talk the Talk – Aspen Tree Walks the Walk

And we're not just talk. Our professional team has the credentials and certifications you expect from a professional tree service. Don't be fooled by the other companies who say they're registered with the New Jersey Board of Tree Experts. That doesn’t mean they’re Licensed Tree Experts. In fact, they might not be able to do more than removals and stump grinding.

Ask us about our certifications and accreditations, and you'll quickly learn why Aspen Tree Service is THE authority on all things tree care in Essex, Passaic, Morris, and Bergen Counties. We can do it all!

When You Hire Aspen Tree Service, You Get What You Pay For

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    NJ Licensed Tree Expert #689

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    ISA Certified Arborist #NJ-0861A

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    Tree Risk Assessment Qualified Arborist

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    TCIA Certified Tree Care Specialists

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    TCIA Certified Tree Care Safety Specialists

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    NJTC #768055

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    NJLTCO #112

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    Qualified Line Clearance Arborist

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    TCIA EHAP Certified Arborist

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    NCCCO Certified Crane Operator

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    NJ State Licensed Crane Operator

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    TCIA Certified Crane Operations Specialist

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    CORE Community Forestry Certified

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    and much, much more!

Our Pledge to You

If you've had tree work done by another company, you may not realize what excellent tree care work and service should look like. When you hire Aspen Tree Service, you can rest easy knowing that you (and your trees!) will be treated with respect by a locally-owned and operated tree service company that truly cares about their community and neighbors. That's why we make this pledge to you.

  • We will not 'commandeer' your property and monopolize it for several days, forcing you to stay inside and out of your yard while we work. 99.9% of our work is finished the same day.
  • We will not drop countless pieces onto your lawn, destroying your yard. The high amount of money we have invested into equipment and ground protection, along with the decades of experience in rigging and safe practices leaves as close to zero impact on your property as you can get.
  • We will not leave stacks of brush and logs, creating environments for insects and vermin, killing the grass underneath, and turning your property into an eyesore for all of your neighbors to look at. Everything is removed as it comes down.
  • We will not leave improper cuts and damage to your tree from poor practices. A lifetime of education and a dozen different licenses and certifications keep our standard of work as high as it can be.
  • We'll make sure you get what you pay for. We have seen too many contractors realize they are in over their heads, take whatever money they can, and you never see them again. Meanwhile, you're left looking like a bomb went off in your yard. With over three and a half decades of service in the community, we did not develop an excellent reputation by taking advantage of our customers. We treat each customer as family, and we strive to give you the full value of every cent you are paying us to perform the highest quality of services.

Aspen Tree Service is a 5 star company!! Professional from the initial phone call right down to the cleanup. The gentleman that came were courteous and caring AND MOST OF ALL SAFE !! Respectful of property and neighbors property. They had the tree down in 2 1/2 hours from setup to cleanup. I would highly recommended them to take down any tree!! Our tree was very big and I was concerned, but they had all safety measures in place. GREAT JOB THANK YOU !!

Kathleen R.
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