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What are Pruning & Trimming Services?

Lawn mowing, weed pulling, watering, raking leaves–maintaining your New Jersey yard is a significant investment of your time and energy. With all this DIY maintenance, it's easy to overlook some important aspects of maintaining healthy trees. Which things are we talking about? Things like pruning and trimming!

Annual pruning is vital to keep your trees at maximum health. But do you know why?


Regular maintenance pruning helps your trees by:

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    Removing deadwood, diseased or heavily infested branches, and branches growing too close together to keep your trees healthy

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    Removing overgrown, broken, cracked, rubbing, and poorly placed branches to keep your trees safe

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    Promoting healthy growth and bountiful fruit harvests to keep your trees looking beautiful


“Everything about tree trimming went so easily because of this company. The quote matched the bill, and when they left, the areas looked cleaner than when they got there. Who could ask for more? I recommend this company to everyone!”

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How Aspen Tree Approaches Pruning

Depending on the tree's needs, our expert crews can employ a variety of pruning strategies to achieve the desired outcome, whether that's pruning for safety, aesthetics, or tree health. Commonly used pruning methods that work well for trees in New Jersey include:

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    Canopy Raising

    If your tree's lower branches obstruct access to buildings, pedestrian paths, or your driveway, or if they block traffic signs or your view, raising the canopy by strategically pruning off some of the lower branches will solve the issue.

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    Canopy Thinning

    Thick canopies can look healthy, but they may be restricting airflow, cause branches to rub and create wounds, or create a risk of damage due to heavy snow or high winds. Thinning the canopy will increase your tree's health and enhance its safety.

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    Canopy Reduction

    Sometimes, a tree is too large for its space and requires more than just a trim. If your tree’s overall size threatens power lines, your home, or other structures, pruning to reduce the canopy can help. This is not the same thing as topping a tree!

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    Canopy Cleaning

    Sometimes, a tree has diseased, dead, or crowded branches that compromise its appearance and long-term health. In canopy cleaning, these branches are pruned off to improve the tree's look and overall health.

Pruning & Trimming FAQs

Tree pruning is done for a variety of reasons, including shaping the tree for safety and support, removing hazardous branches and deadwood, removing crowding limbs and branches that can rub and lead to wounds, improving visibility, and more.   

While the best time of year to prune is typically while the tree is dormant (late fall-winter), we do offer year-round pruning services as needed. Sometimes dead limbs or encroaching branches must be removed regardless of the time of year to keep your trees safe and maximize their health. 

Aspen Tree Service always follows proper industry standards and best management practices when pruning.

When pruning is done correctly, the pruning process is very safe for your trees and serves to increase their overall health.

Our goal with pruning is to always be as minimally invasive as possible. In situations where large branches must be removed from mature, stressed, or weakly compartmentalizing (unhealthy) trees, we'll discuss the options with you. Our arborists stay up-to-date on the latest research and studies about pruning and tree health. There are new techniques that might be appropriate for your tree and can minimize the chance of decay, pest, and/or disease entry. 


Yes. Aspen Tree Service has climbers, lifts, bucket trucks, and cranes that allow our expert team to prune and trim any tree, no matter its size or location.

No. Aspen Tree Service will haul away all pruning brush and debris at no additional charge and leave your property looking better than we found it! 

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Why You Want Aspen Tree Service to Prune Your Trees

An Investment In Your Trees

Still not convinced that your trees will benefit from regular pruning? Annual pruning today pays off immediately, and the benefits extend into the future.

With regular maintenance pruning, you can expect:

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    Better tree growth and health

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    Better flowering

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    Reduced risk of falling branches

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    Improved resistance to severe weather

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    Overall improved safety

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    More beautiful, structurally sound trees

Expect the Best. Get the Best!

What should you expect when you hire Aspen Tree Service for your tree pruning and trimming? Nothing but the best service from the best in the business!

You’ll get:

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    Tree assessments from Certified Arborists

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    A highly trained, professional crew

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    Custom solutions for your trees’ pruning needs

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    State-of-the-art equipment to complete your job safely and efficiently

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    Assistance with required pruning and trimming permitting

When Should You Schedule Annual Pruning? How About Now!

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