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What are Arborist Services?

When you’re concerned about your trees' safety, maintaining a potentially hazardous tree, or getting ready to begin construction on your property, a consultation from a certified arborist is the place to start.

Arborist services go beyond traditional "tree work." Certified arborists like the ones on staff at Aspen Tree are qualified to assess and diagnose a wide variety of tree conditions. While we offer expert tree services like pruning and trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding, our arborist services allow us to provide care beyond traditional tree work. The licensed experts at Aspen Tree Service can consult on a variety of tree issues.

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Our Arborist Services

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    Cabling & Bracing

    Sometimes trees can benefit from a bit of support, and that's what cabling and bracing provides. Our cabling and bracing can help maintain trees damaged by weather and support limbs that may have become too heavy for the trunk to support. Our arborists will assess your trees to ensure their integrity and provide cabling and bracing recommendations that can save your tree and prevent future damage.

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    Lightning Protection

    When lightning strikes, it looks for the tallest object in the area to hit. Very often, the tallest object is a tree. In addition to potentially destroying your tree, lightning strikes can ignite fires that can spread to nearby structures like your home. If you have tall trees, you may want to consider lightning protection. How does it work? After our arborists assess your trees, Aspen Tree will install a lightning rod to capture the lighting that would otherwise strike a tree. The rod is attached to a cable that directs the lightning away from your tree and safely into the ground.

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    Tree Preservation

    Are you planning a construction project, remodeling, or clearing some land? Then tree preservation is a must in New Jersey. The purpose of tree preservation is to protect trees when altering the surrounding landscape, and includes things like:

    • Marking trees that will not be removed during the course of a project
    • Identifying any protected tree species
    • Planning heavy equipment paths to avoid disturbing soil and root systems
    • Placing protective fencing around areas to avoid damage
    • Maintaining proper grading to prevent damaging erosion and runoff

    Preserving trees is an important consideration for all New Jersey residents, and in many cases preserving trees is the law. For example, a permit is required to remove trees in Clifton, NJ, as well as in towns like Essex Fells, Verona, and Morristown. The requirement for tree removal permits vary from town to town, but fortunately, Aspen Tree Service knows the rules for every city we work in and can take care of the required permits for you before starting a job.

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    Planting and Transplanting

    Do you need a little help with planting or transplanting your trees? As part of our arborist services, we can not only make recommendations for trees that will be a great addition to your property, but we can also do the planting and transplanting for you. Let us know if you’re interested in learning more about this specialty service!

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    Air Spading / Root Collar Excavation

    Many tree health issues start underground with rotting roots, mulch piled around the tree trunk, and soil that's compacted or lacking organic matter. To safely excavate around tree roots, we use an "air spade" to direct highly focused air jets into the soil around the tree and carefully expose roots without damaging them (unlike digging, which can cut roots or pipes). Once the roots are exposed, we can identify any problems and, if possible, correct them with services like radial mulching to help restore tree health.

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    Does your tree need a nutrient boost? Our professional fertilization service provides customized nutrient solutions to optimize trees' health and growth. We analyze soil, select ideal formulations, and properly apply the right fertilizer to meet your tree's needs without waste or environmental impact. Give your trees a targeted feeding to keep them thriving beautifully.

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    Pest and Disease Diagnosis

    Don't let pests or diseases damage your trees. Our diagnostic service identifies any fungus, insect, bacteria, or other pathogens afflicting your trees. Accurate diagnosis guides targeted treatments to eliminate issues and restore tree health. Let your Northern New Jersey experts detect emerging threats before they spread.

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    Arborist Consultations & Reports

    From Tree Risk Assessments and management plans to arborist reports detailing the current state of your trees, you can count on Aspen Tree Service to provide the information you need. Whether you need a tree inspection and evaluation to meet your town's permitting requirements, a hazard tree assessment to document the condition and risk posed by your (or your neighbor's) tree, or simply want to understand the impact of damage, pests, diseases, soil quality, and other tree issues on your tree's life expectancy, preservation potential, and impact on your property, we've got you covered.

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Why Call Aspen Tree Service For An Arborist Consultation?

Our process always starts with a thorough property assessment, resulting in a tailored plan for your project. We don't offer cookie-cutter solutions; we provide the Right solution for Your project. Aspen Tree Service is your local authority when you need a professional Arborist Assessment.

Why Hire an Arborist That’s a Licensed Tree Expert Over a Licensed Tree Care Operator?

When hiring a tree service company, it’s important to understand what your goal is for your trees. Are you looking for the best price or the best service? In New Jersey, all companies must be registered with the NJ Board of Tree Experts. However, this does not imply that the company employs an actual NJ Licensed Tree Expert (LTE). You can learn more about Licensed Tree Experts here.

Licensed Tree Expert

  • Tree Pruning

  • Tree Removal

  • Stump Grinding/Removal

  • Pest & Disease Diagnosis

  • Pest & Disease Treatment

  • Add Structural Support

  • Apply Fertilizer Treatments

  • Consultation

  • Tree Health Assessment

  • Lightning Protection

  • Tree Risk Assessment and Management

Licensed Tree Care Operator

  • Tree Pruning

  • Tree Removal

  • Stump Grinding/Removal

  • Pest & Disease Diagnosis

  • Pest & Disease Treatment

  • Add Structural Support

  • Consultation

  • Tree Heath Assessment

  • Lightning Protection

  • Tree Risk Assessment and Management

When you hire a New Jersey Licensed Tree Expert like Aspen Tree Service over a Tree Care Operator, the advantages are clear!

Arborist Service FAQs

A certified arborist is an elite tree care qualification given to individuals by the International Society for Arboriculture (ISA). The certified arborist credential requires vigorous coursework, extensive practical experience, and robust examination to ensure and verify expertise in the field of tree care. Make sure the tree service you hire has a certified arborist on staff!

In addition to being certified arborists, Aspen Tree Service is also a New Jersey Licensed Tree Expert. This license means we can offer a suite of services other companies can't, like assessment, fertilization, pest & disease control, and more. We are your New Jersey tree experts!

We offer a full range of Arborist Services to help maintain healthy and vigorous trees. If your tree is stressed, we will guide you through the diagnosis and recommend the best course of action to help alleviate the tree's stress, be it environmental issues, pest infestation, or disease. Our Arborist services include:

  • On-site Diagnosis 
  • Laboratory Soil sample analysis 
  • Laboratory Plant tissue analysis
  • Soil amendments
  • Sub-Surface Fertilization 
  • Air-spade work
  • Supplemental Support Systems (Cabling)
  • Lightning Protection Systems for taller and/or specimen trees
  • Root excavation and pruning to remove girdling and conflicting roots

Yes! Our expert team is qualified to diagnose and treat any tree health issue, including pests, diseases, nutrient deficiencies, and more.

There is a charge for scheduled consultations. However, this charge can be applied to any work you have us do as a result of the consultation.

Not always. While there are situations when trees should be removed, e.g. unhealthy trees, dying trees, or trees that are somehow hazardous, removal isn't always the only option.

Some trees just need pruning or trimming to keep them safe, while others might need some added structural support. 

Our arborist service can help you determine if your tree needs to be removed or if another intervention is appropriate.

Arborist consultations are available for a wide range of tree needs. These include:

  • Pest and Disease Assessment
  • Safety and Structural Issues
  • Pre-construction Assessment 
  • Tree Preservation 
  • Tree Healthcare

A consultation from a certified arborist like those at Aspen Tree Service is a great way to ensure your trees are healthy and that they stay that way!


Tree Inspection & Risk Assessment

Among the many certifications and licenses the experts at Aspen Tree Service carry is TRAQ credentialing. What is TRAQ certification? TRAQ stands for “Tree Risk Assessment Qualification," and this ISA certification means that the Aspen Tree Service team is specially licensed to assess your trees for dangers that could threaten people and property.

Tree risk assessment is a systematic process that includes:

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    Identification of potential tree hazards, such as structural issues, site conditions, and other factors that could contribute to or mitigate risk 

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    Assessment of the likelihood that a tree or tree part could fail and the severity of any damage that might cause

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    A report that includes recommendations for mitigating any tree-related risks that were identified

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“I am extremely pleased with the job Aspen Tree did for me. I highly recommend Aspen Tree to anyone in need of a top-notch tree service.”

Eileen C.

What Can You Expect When You Hire Aspen Tree for Arborist Services?

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    Expert tree assessments by Certified Arborists

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    Professional certifications in all aspects of tree service. We’re Licensed Tree Experts as defined by the New Jersey Board of Tree Experts.

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    Sound recommendations to safely and efficiently complete your project while adhering to arboricultural best practices

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    A professional team with deep knowledge and expert training in risk assessment, tree preservation, and tree protection

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    State-of-the-art equipment to handle any tree care job

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    The best customer service from our office staff and crews, and quick turnaround on tree care quotes


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