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Welcome to Aspen, northern New Jersey's foremost authority on turf and lawn care management. At Aspen, we understand that a lush, vibrant lawn is the cornerstone of a beautiful property. However, achieving and maintaining that green, healthy lawn requires expertise, especially in the face of the unique challenges presented by our local climate and soil conditions.

That's where we come in. Our team of Licensed Applicators specializes in diagnosing and solving complex turf problems, providing tailored solutions that ensure your lawn remains healthy and thriving all year round. From turfgrass healthcare to insect control, and everything in between, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to address the specific needs of your lawn.

Trust Aspen to nurture your lawn back to peak condition and keep it there. Experience the difference that professional care can make for your landscape today.

Why Hire Aspen for Your Lawn Care Management Program?

We offer a complete range of turfgrass and lawn care services to diagnose, treat, and prevent everything from grubs to noxious weeds. Typical services include:

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    Lawn inspections and regular monitoring to identify and correct any soil health issues, environmental stressors, and early signs of weeds, pests, or diseases.

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    Core aeration and overseeing to reduce soil compaction and allow oxygen and water to reach turfgrass roots, helping to maintain a dense lawn that crowds out weeds.

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    Pre-emergent weed suppression and broadleaf weed treatments to stop weeds in their tracks, including bittercress, chickweed, cinquefoil, crabgrass, dandelion, goosegrass, plantain, thistle, and violet.

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    Grub control treatments that target these pests during key periods when they are most vulnerable and before they can destroy your lawn.

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    Lawn pest prevention and treatment to control populations of common New Jersey lawn pests like weevils, billbugs, chinch bugs, and sod webworm.

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    Treatment of lawn diseases such as dollar spot, brown patch, red thread, and snow mold.

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    Lawn fertilization to promote healthy growth, correct nutrient deficiencies, improve the resilience of your lawn, support root growth, and reduce weed growth by enhancing lawn density.

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    We follow all New Jersey Department of Agriculture regulations and standards for insecticide, fungicide, and other treatment applications.

Powered fertilizer spreader applying a spring lawn care fertilization.

The team was very professional. They did a great job including cleaning up afterwards. The estimate was fair. They answered any questions or concerns I had. Just a great job.

Thomas Pucci


NJ Fertilizer Law

Under New Jersey's fertilizer law, there are certain restrictions on the timing, quantity, and types of fertilization permitted.

  • Professionals cannot apply fertilizers containing nitrogen or phosphorus between December 1 and March 1 (homeowners cannot apply these fertilizers after November 15).
  • Phosphorus application is generally prohibited, except when a soil test indicates a deficiency or when establishing/repairing a lawn.
  • Fertilizer generally cannot be applied within 25 feet of a water body or to impervious surfaces.
  • These regulations also require certification and training for commercial applicators. All of our lawn care applicators are appropriately certified.
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Aspen's 7-Step Lawn Care Program

Keep your lawn looking its best from spring to fall with our exclusive 7-step program tailored to your property.

  • 1

    LAWN ANALYSIS, soil testing, and nutrient plan development

  • 2

    EARLY SPRING pre-emergent weed control, fertilization

  • 3

    LATE SPRING crabgrass prevention & slow release fertilization

  • 4

    EARLY SUMMER weed spot treatment, summer blend fertilization, grub control

  • 5

    LATE SUMMER weed spot treatment, slow release fertilizer, insect control

  • 6

    EARLY FALL balanced lawn nutrition, weed suppression, overseeding

  • 7

    LATE FALL high phosphorous fertilization to prepare the lawn for winter

Signs of lawn damage and white grubs.

Did You Know?

The best turfgrass for lawns in northern New Jersey is typically a mix of 2 or 3 cool-season as this can provide better pest resistance, drought tolerance, and a more uniform appearance. We recommend is mix of Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, and/or perennial ryegrass, depending on your preferences and environmental conditions.

What's Bugging Your Lawn?

Signs It's Time to Call in a Turf & Lawn Care Expert

Call Aspen Tree Service at 201-939-8733 if you notice any of the following signs of poor tree health. Early diagnosis and treatment are key to preventing the spread of fungal or bacterial diseases and insect infestations.

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    Brown, gray, or yellow patches in the lawn

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    Circular or irregular shaped dead/dying areas

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    Blotchy, uneven color across the lawn

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    Circular, silver dollar-sized brown/gray spots

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    Circular brown patches, especially in shaded areas

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    Lesions and sudden die-off of grass blades

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    Reddish threads on grass blades

  • list-icon

    Fine webs between grass blades

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    Chewed or damaged grass blades and roots

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    Wilting or discoloration of grass blades

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    Excessive thatch buildup

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    Presence of crabgrass, dandelions, and other weeds

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