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When It’s Time For a Tree to Go

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To Remove or Not To Remove?

Sometimes it’s easy to know when a tree should be removed. A hazardous tree that could fall, a diseased tree that can’t be saved, a tree that’s obstructing a construction project, these trees need to go.

But what about when you're not sure if a tree needs to be cut down?

That's when it's time to call in the tree removal professionals at Aspen Tree Service to examine your tree and recommend the best course of action.

You should also check out the information below where we describe the most common situations in which trees in New Jersey should be removed.

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When Should You Remove a Tree?

Every tree removal job is different, but there are a few things we frequently see in Northern New Jersey that indicate there could be a problem with the tree. Below are the most common reasons we’ll recommend removing a tree.

Diseased or Dying Trees

Diseased and dying trees should be removed. These trees are hazardous and can drop branches and limbs without warning, break apart, or even fall entirely, posing a severe threat to people and property.

Damaging Roots

A tree's roots can damage underground utilities, plumbing, or structural foundations. When a tree’s roots are causing a problem, it’s often best to remove the tree.

Storm Damage

When severe weather damages a tree, it should be removed. Storm-damaged trees can drop limbs, break apart, or topple over without warning. Since these trees can threaten people and property, it's important to be proactive if a storm-damaged tree shows signs of failure.

Power Line Encroachment

Trees touching or encroaching on power lines can create fire or electrocution hazards. A professional should remove these trees ASAP, and because of the potential danger should never be taken on as a DIY project.


Trees growing close together may compete for limited soil nutrients and water. These trees can also block sunlight and prevent efficient airflow. Thinning crowded stands of trees allows the rest to thrive with less competition.

Home Renovation

Sometimes, trees are in the way when renovating your home or property. By removing these trees, your project can go on unimpeded.

Tree Removal for Solar Panels

Many people are installing solar panels these days to save on energy costs. But what good are solar panels if they're always in the shade? If you need to remove a tree to make use of solar energy, Aspen Tree Service can help!


Check out our work on a 150-year-old tree that began to fail and threaten this home in Rutherford, NJ.

We were hired for this job for several reasons.

  1. First, out of the multiple companies consulted for this job, we were the only ones with the ability to safely and efficiently perform the work without disrupting power, infrastructure, or calling in PSE&G for assistance.
  2. Second, we are the company that the PSE&G representatives recommended.

Decades of experience and all the right certifications and licenses make all the difference when hiring the proper company.

Our training, experience, licenses, and certifications allow us to respond like no other.


Trust the Local Tree Removal Authority

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    Aspen Tree Service has been a tree removal authority since 1986. We know New Jersey, and we know the trees.

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    Every team member, from our certified arborists to our office professionals, are highly trained tree care experts. Our commitment to continued education and training shines through in our performance.

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    Aspen Tree Service is dedicated to safety. Our crew are certified experts in all the equipment and methodologies we employ. From cranes to lifts to bucket trucks and chainsaws, our crews are highly qualified and will complete your job safely and efficiently.

Minimize Impact to Your Yard & Landscape

The Aspen Tree Removal Process

Your removal is unique, and that's why we begin each removal project with a thorough assessment to determine the best strategy for removing your trees. Our skilled, certified arborists will thoroughly inspect your trees, considering each tree's health, condition, and location to determine the safest and most efficient removal.

Our removal crews are fully equipped and experienced to handle even the most technical and hazardous tree removals in the most challenging places. Tree removal can be a very invasive operation, and we do everything we can to ensure minimal disruption to your property. We utilize specialized mats and cribbing to protect soft ground surfaces and take the utmost care in protecting all existing landscaping. It’s our goal for the removal process to be as close to zero impact as possible.

The Aspen Tree Service Inc. tree removal crew using a spider lift and crane to remove a dead tree from in front of a two-story house in Clifton, NJ.

"Casey and the team at Aspen took our 90ft tree down, and you’d never know it because they took such care in cleaning up after the job was complete. 100% recommend to anyone."

Katherine D.

How Aspen Tree Service Removes Trees

Depending on your removal situation, you can expect to see us using one or more of the following removal strategies:

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    When necessary, our expert climbers will use the most modern (or up to date) and safest techniques and rigging to ascend your tree. Then, starting with the limbs, will remove your tree a section at a time.

    Climbers will use various rigging and pulley systems to attach to each section of the tree before cutting it. This allows our experienced ground crew to safely control and lower each piece to the ground.

  • 2

    Crane Removals

    Our cranes are often used to remove trees in hard-to-reach locations or trees that are too structurally unsound to support a climber and rigging.

    Our certified crane operators will use a telescoping crane or knuckle boom to remove your trees safely and efficiently. Often, our cranes will allow us to remove a tree in a single piece!

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    Felling a Tree

    Though we don't often have a lot of extra space in our part of NewJersey, felling a tree is a great option when we do. Felling a tree is probably what comes to mind when you envision a tree removal, with the trunk being cut near the base until the entire tree topples over. While it's not quite as simple as that, it's not far off. However, we use precision methods and equipment to ensure the tree will fall where it's supposed to, not on your house or garage!

Why Hire Aspen Tree Service for Your Tree Removal?

Our list of qualifications and certifications is impressive, but we know what really matters to you is that the job is done quickly, efficiently, safely, and correctly. Aspen Tree Service is the tree care authority in Essex, Bergen, Passaic, and Morris counties. When you hire us, you get:

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    High-quality tree care and helpful customer service from start to finish

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    A professional tree service team dedicated to your satisfaction

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    ISA Certified Arborists and New Jersey Licensed Tree Experts

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    Highly trained, professional crews

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    Top-of-the-line tree removal equipment, including cranes, lifts, chippers, and stump grinders

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    Assistance with required tree removal permitting

A black grapple moving a large section of trunk from a tree that has been cut down.

Do You Need a Tree Removal Permit?

Permits are required for many of the towns we service in Essex, Bergen, Passaic, and Morris counties. We can help you ensure any required permits are obtained before removal.

Permitting will also help you confirm the trees you’re removing are yours and allow you to avoid this nightmare scenario that resulted in hefty fines for one Kinnelon, NJ resident.

Tree Removal FAQs

Absolutely. Aspen Tree Service has the equipment to reach and remove any difficult-to-access tree, including lifts, bucket trucks, and cranes. Our skilled team will employ the most efficient and safe method to remove your tree. 

No, there is no additional charge for hauling away the debris from your removal. If you choose to have the logs and woodchips left on-site, we will offer a discount.

Stump grinding involves grinding of the heart of the stump and surface roots that protrude through the ground in the immediate area of the stump with specialized grinders. This is much less invasive than stump removal/excavation. When excavating a stump the entire root system needs to be ripped out of the ground, essentially destroying all surrounding vegetation and leaving a large void. 

After grinding, the resulting stump mulch is raked back into a pile in the area of the stump to settle. Once settled, it can be used as regular mulch around the property. We also offer an additional service to remove the mulch should you not have a use for it and install topsoil and grass seed if requested. 

We typically recommend picking a plot somewhat outside of an existing stump to replant. However, with added steps, we have had success planting in the same spot. All resulting stump grindings will need to be removed as they do not offer the same structural integrity to support a new tree. To successfully plant in the area, new soil will need to be brought in, and the surrounding soil should be tested for nutrient deficiency and overall quality. The soil is then amended as needed before the new tree is planted.

We have stump grinders of varying sizes to access nearly any stump, regardless of the location. We can also use a crane to transport our grinders if necessary.


What About the Stump?

Even the most skilled tree service can’t cut a tree below ground level. Fortunately, in addition to our state-of-the-art cranes, lifts, and bucket trucks, Aspen Tree Service has stump grinders that will make quick work of any remaining stump, grinding it to woodchips several inches below ground.

Our stump grinding service will make it look like the stump was never there. And when we're done, we also offer a service to remove the mulch and install topsoil and seed.

Flying Stump Grinders??

Housing tends to be closely packed in our part of New Jersey, and backyards can be difficult to access with heavy equipment.

But when you hire Aspen Tree Service, no tree stump is inaccessible - we’ve got the equipment to reach any tree or stump, no matter where it is!

Whether we need to lift one of our stump grinders into place with a crane or fit it through a 36-in gate, we've got it covered!

Aspen Tree Service Inc.'s crane lifting a stump grinder in the air over a chainlink fence to reach a confined back yard in Clifton, NJ.

After the Tree is Gone: Planting & Transplanting

Do you need help with planting or transplanting a tree after your removal job is completed?

The arborists at Aspen Tree Service can help you with tree recommendations and planting services. We can transplant a tree, plant a brand new one, and even get your tree removal site ready for a new tree.

Ask us about our specialty tree planting and transplanting service today!

Preparing for a Tree Removal

When getting ready to have a tree removed, there are a few things you can do to help the process go as smoothly as possible.

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    Move cars to make space for tree service trucks and equipment

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    Warn your neighbors about the noise and any potential impact to their property

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    Remove or cover landscaping elements you don’t want disturbed

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    Secure pets and keep children away from the work area

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    Ask us any questions you might have!

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