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Why Choose Us?

First of all, our customers love us. Take a look at some of our reviews:

  • “Casey and the team at Aspen were absolutely great to work with.”

  • “They were safe, cleaned up, and most of all, the trees look amazing."

  • “They cut down over a dozen dead trees in a matter of hours and removed all the trunks and debris.”

More perks of choosing Aspen Tree Service include:

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    We’re a family-owned business, and we treat our customers like one of our own.

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    We employ Certified Arborists and Licensed Tree Experts.

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    We take serious pride in our work and treat your trees as if they were our own.

Call us at (201) 939-8733 to schedule tree service in Verona, NJ, now.

Verona is one of the most wonderful places to live in New Jersey. This charming township features gorgeous natural scenery, streets lined with historical buildings, and a strong sense of community. Verona residents deserve outstanding tree care, and when you hire Aspen Tree Service in Verona, NJ, that’s exactly what you get.

We have proudly served Verona since 1986 and can’t wait to welcome you into our tree care family. Call us at (201) 939-8733 to get a quote for arborist services.

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What To Expect When You Hire Aspen Tree Service

When you hire Aspen Tree Service in Verona, NJ, you can expect the very best. We show up on time and with all the equipment needed to service your trees. Plus, we finish 99.9% of jobs on the same day. That means no waiting around for a slow-moving tree service crew to clear out of your yard.

You can expect fair prices, too. We believe everyone should have great-looking trees, and that’s why we offer rates that suit your budget. We also offer discounts for local first responders and seniors.

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Our Verona, NJ, Tree Services

We’re your one-stop shop for tree care in Verona. From tree removal to pest treatment, we do it all. Take a look at our tree services below.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Most trees need pruning every one to five years. You may be able to prune some low-hanging branches yourself, but what about those branches in the canopy?

No tree is too tall for our pruning crew. We use sturdy ladders and cranes to reach and remove branches at any height.

Tree and Shrub Fertilization

No matter how good your soil is, trees and shrubs need regular fertilization to keep them looking their best. At Aspen Tree Service, we take a three-step approach to soil health:

  1. First, we take a sample of your soil. This is necessary to see which nutrients your soil lacks and prevent over fertilization.
  2. We employ radial mulching, a technique that allows us to deliver nutrients straight to your tree’s roots.
  3. We loosen compacted soil using a technique called aeration. This creates air pockets that make it easier for the tree to absorb nutrients.

Tree Planting and Transplanting

If you want your new tree to grow strong and healthy, you can’t just plop it into a random hole and hope for the best. Choosing the wrong planting site can stunt your tree’s growth, and its roots and branches may end up where you don’t want them.

Our pros can help you select the perfect site for trees and choose only those well adapted to our New Jersey climate. We also offer transplanting services if you’d like to move a tree to another spot in your yard.

Emergency Tree Services

In the middle of the night, you wake up to what sounds like an explosion in your house. Much to your dismay, you discover that a tree has fallen onto your roof.

Most homeowners lack the equipment or knowledge to remove fallen trees safely, and that’s where we come in. Our experts arrive with heavy-duty cranes and the tools needed to cart away felled trees. We offer emergency tree removal at any time of day or night.

Tree Removal

Have you always wanted solar panels, but that pesky tree in your yard blocks too much sunlight? Or maybe your tree’s roots are encroaching on your driveway. If you’re planning a renovation project or want to get rid of a diseased tree, call us for tree removal. We can safely remove unwanted trees without damaging your lawn.

Mosquito, Tick, and Flea Control

Nothing ruins an outdoor party, BBQ, or picnic faster than a bunch of mosquito and tick bites. These nasty pests multiply very quickly, and if you don’t act fast, they can takeover your entire yard. That’s bad news for you and your furry friends.

To help combat biting insects, we offer mosquito fogging, tick spraying, and flea control services. Give us a call for insect pest identification and kick those blood-sucking pests to the curb.

Turf Management

Got a lawn that’s overrun by weeds and grubs? Is your grass brown or yellow instead of lush and green? With our turf management services, you’ll have a show-worthy yard that could easily make the cover of a home and garden magazine.

Our turf management services include:

  • Pre-emergent weed treatment and broadleaf weed control
  • Organic lawn fertilization
  • Core aeration
  • Lawn overseeding
  • Grub control
  • Pruning and Trimming

  • Tree Removal

  • Arborist Services

  • Emergency Tree Service

  • Insect & Disease Treatment

  • Fertilization

  • Tick, Mosquito & Flea Prevention & Control

  • Turf and Lawn Care Program


They came to look gave us a price and came back a few hours later and did a wonderful job. They made sure they cleaned up and raked where the weeping cherry was removed and they ground downtrend stump. Fast, reasonable and professional. Thank you Aspen.

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Casey and the team at Aspen were absolutely great to work with. Professional, punctual, take pride in their work. Took our 90ft tree down, and you’d never know it because they took such care in cleaning up after the job was complete. 100% recommend to anyone

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Aspen tree ground crew wrapping chains on some tree trunks to be moved.

About Verona, NJ

Verona, NJ, offers plenty of suburban charm and easy access to big-city amenities. Residents love hanging out by the water at Verona Park and enjoying a bite to eat at Jimmy’s Family Kitchen, Chris’ Red Hots, and other eateries along Bloomfield Avenue.

Our experts have proudly tended to Verona’s trees for decades, and we’d love to do the same for your trees. Check out these tree care resources, then give us a call:

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