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A beautiful oak tree in a yard in Essex County, NJ.

8 Ways to Prevent Oak Wilt from Killing Your Oak Trees

Learn the simple steps you can take to prevent oak wilt, a lethal fungal disease, from infecting your oak trees and destroying New Jersey’s state tree.
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Oak trees, like the ones pictured here, are at risk of oak wilt as it threatens to spread to New Jersey.

Oak Wilt Threatens New Jersey’s State Tree

There are no confirmed cases of oak wilt in New Jersey, but the risk to the state is great. Know what to look for to help stop any potential spread of the disease to our state tree.
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BLS on leaves of an oak tree with a blue background.

What Causes Scorched-Looking Leaves on New Jersey Trees?

Uncover 3 reasons why your tree’s leaves may look scorched, how to differentiate between the various types of scorch (one is lethal!), and the best prevention and treatment methods for each.
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Aspen tree arborists doing tree inspection during a sunny day.

Why DIY Diagnosis of Tree Problems Can be a Fatal Mistake

In the age of DIY solutions, it's tempting to turn to try to diagnose your tree's ailments yourself. But what if your well-intentioned DIY diagnosis is a misstep that could cost your tree its life?
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A bare ash trunk is covered in the winding galleries left by feed emerald ash borer larvae, a condition plaguing ash trees across New Jersey.

Why You Should Remove Dangerous Ash Trees Now

Uncover the hidden dangers of ash trees! Learn why immediate removal is crucial for your safety and your property's well-being. Don't wait, act now!
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Look for signs of a hazardous tree to avoid your large tree from falling on a yellow Newark New Jersey taxicab.

8 Signs of a Hazardous Tree in New Jersey

Are you aware of the dangers lurking in your backyard? Don’t wait for the worst to happen. Learn to recognize the signs of a hazardous tree in New Jersey.
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